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We offer WordPress Emergency Support for when it seems like just about everything is going wrong with your WordPress site. We know WordPress inside and out and have supported hundreds of sites of all sizes. WordPress updates don't always run trouble free, and failing to upgrade places your WordPress site at risk. Why worry!

Security Check


Find your weaknesses, before the hackers do.


We’ll review your current site security practices, run a thorough scan to check for any potential vulnerabilties or malware, and implement fixes and security hardening if required.

Site Health Check


A comprehensive analysis of your website, looking at the design, build, content, functionality, security, speed, and usability.


One-time check for underlying configuration issues that could cause future problems, discourage search engines, or be a security risk. Includes plugins/software updates, and more.

Malware Removal


We’ll complete a full security scan, clean up the malware, and get things back up and running.


If this task involves fixing a hack/malware on your website, this addon is required. Includes some security hardening, and is treated as a priority task.

Speed Optimisation


Speed is a key SEO ranking factor for Google.


The speed of your website is an important factor because it determines the time in which it would respond to queries from visitors.

Site Migration


WordPress migration may seem like an arduous process. However, it doesn’t need to be. You don’t have to do it all by yourself.


Website migrations can be overwhelming. Not just from the sheer amount of work that goes into them, but also because of the dangers they present to your SEO and your data.



Never break a live site again!


We’ll copy the site to a secure staging environment to test the changes first, before pushing them to the live site.

WordPress Maintenance


We’ll manage and maintain your WordPress website for you with our care plans.


From updating your website plugins, to making regular backups, we have various packages to keep your website safe and secure. Choose us and enjoy the peace of mind that your site’s being well looked after, every day.


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