WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance

There’s a plan for you, from £39.99 a month.

WordPress Maintenance


A WordPress Maintenance Plan ensures you have piece of mind when it comes to looking after your website.  Our WordPress Maintenance Plans are ideal, starting from just £39.99 per month.


WordPress Maintenance Plan features:



wordpress maintenanceThe most important part of a WordPress Maintenance Plan is the website backups. If you don’t have a backup of your website and something bad happens, you could lose your website completely. It could take days to get the website back to where it should be and you might lose important customer information.


When website management with us starts we will complete an initial backup of your website before we perform any critical updates or changes.  Depending on which plan you choose, we’ll backup your website on a daily, weekly or monthly basis or before any critical updates are made to your WordPress website.


Your backups are stored offsite. We’ll also securely store a copy on our own systems.



Security Monitoring is the practice of actively protecting your website from hackers, bots and malware. What steps do we perform to help protect your website?


Brute Force Protection: We’ll actively monitor password and  login attempts to your website, ensuring we limit and ban IP addresses who try to access your WordPress website. 


2 Factor Authentication: We’ll install 2 factor authentication to give your username and password an extra layer of security. 


Modified File Detection/Protection: We’ll help protect your files so that they don’t get changed by plugins or hackers.



If your WordPress website suddenly goes offline?  You lose sales and this is bad for business. If for any unfortunate reason your website goes offline we’ll do everything we can to resolve the situation.


There can be various reasons why your website could go offline:


Hosting:  The most likely cause of a website going down is the server the website is stored on. If this was to happen to your website, we would speak to your hosting provider on your behalf to rectify the situation.


Plugin out of date: Out of date plugins can cause a website to go offline. If this should happen, we’ll have a deeper look to determine the cause of the problem. 



The next important step to your maintenance plan is checking to see if your plugin and theme files are up to date. Having out of date plugin and theme files can leave your website open to hackers and malicious malware.


If your website contains unsupported plugins, we will search for updates or source an alternative plugin. 


The WordPress Core: WordPress itself releases periodic updates to its main installation. It’s quite common for WordPress to improve on its platform, whether that’s feature improvements or simply patching security holes. 


A WordPress Maintenance Plan ensures you have piece of mind when it comes to looking after your website. Think of it like your car, if part of your car stops working it’s more than likely this will affect the running of everything else. The same goes for a website. 


From updating your website plugins, to making regular backups, we have various packages to keep your website safe and secure.



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