Staging sites are never optional with WordPress. Avoid costly, time-eating mistakes for £39.99.


You need never break a live site again!  You may have learned this the hard way, that staging sites are never optional with WordPress.  It’s never a good idea to click on those “update” buttons on themes and plugins and expect all to go well, even if it worked last time.


Avoid costly, time consuming mistakes when updating a live WordPress site!


  • Plugin conflicts causing loss of functionality or design
  • Error messages appearing for public users
  • CSS overrides being deleted in core plugin files (never do this ‘no-no’!)
  • Broken links and disappearing images
  • Site going mysteriously ‘blank’ with a white screen
  • Loss of ability to login to WP Dashboard or users areas
  • Deletion of content you spent countless hours on
  • Inability to take payments, registrations or sign-ups
  • And much, much more!


StagingA backup system is not enough! You need staging sites to solve your site problems, not ‘band-aid’ them!  A backup system is essential. But a staging site lets you work on problems or redesigns in a completely separate environment, away from a functioning site that needs to keep serving customers.


You might think you don’t need to update because everything is working just fine right now.  But in the long run, not updating will cause far more problems.  Updating is relatively risk-free, and is a very important part of owning a WordPress site.


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