Site Migration

Site Migration

Migration of a website to new hosting, or to replace an existing website, for £34.99.

Site Migration

Do you feel that it’s time to change your web hosting? Perhaps you’re looking for a more professional service, or your site has outgrown its current server environment.  Then consider Zana WordPress Site Migration as your solution.


site migrationWhatever the reason, WordPress migration may seem like an arduous process. However, it doesn’t need to be. While migrating WordPress does involve a fair amount of work, you don’t have to do it all by yourself.


Our website migration service help you move your entire WordPress website to your new hosting setup. Our team of WordPress experts oversees the process from start to finish. We can even revamp your site along the way!


Why you should consider WordPress site migration


As your site grows, you may find that your current hosting environment is unable to meet your new demands.  This is typically a sign that you’re due for a WP migration.  You may want a WordPress migration to new server or a WordPress to WordPress migration for:


Better site security

A powerful WordPress security system helps protect your online content against hackers and malware. This is especially important if your site contains sensitive data, such as customer details.


If you’ve had your fair share of security threats lately, it may be time to do a WordPress site migration to a more secure environment.


Better site performance

Additionally, you may want to improve your website performance. Fast-loading pages can improve your site’s user experience and help you drive more conversions.


If you’ve been experiencing too much downtime lately, a website migration service should definitely be on your agenda.


More technical support

Large sites typically require more maintenance than smaller ones. If you’re no longer able to handle everything on your own, you may require a third party to do some of the work for you, starting with web migration services.


WordPress migration to new server, by moving to a hosting solution that offers full technical support could make your life much easier. You can have a team of experts take care of your site and carry out important tasks, such as WordPress backups and updates. This leaves you with more time and energy, which you can spend on growing your business rather than trying to figure out a WP migration.


More flexibility and resources

Some server environments are more restrictive than others, warranting a WordPress migration to new server. You may have a limited amount of bandwidth or storage space at your disposal. Moreover, your current resources may be unable to handle a sudden growth in site traffic.


If it’s time to scale up and expand your resources, you’ll likely need to utilize WordPress migration services and move to a more advanced hosting service. This can also give you more control over your new server, so you can customise it to meet your needs and install your own software for better site performance.


The Zana Solution

The WordPress migration process can be rather long and tedious, although it can be a little easier with doing a WordPress to WordPress migration. You’ll need to export and import your database and files separately, which can take a few hours to complete depending on the size and quantity of files. You’ll also have to ensure that you update your DNS and configuration settings correctly; otherwise web users will be unable to access or view your site.


The good news is that you don’t have to do everything yourself. At Zana we offer a complete WordPress migration service to help put your mind at ease.


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