Site Health Check

Site Health Check

A full and detailed website health check for £59.99.

Site Health Check

We can Check the Quality of Any Website!


It is important for your site to be in good working order, so it can effectively support you and your business.  Whether you have just launched your new website or have been around for several years, it never hurts to Site Health Check to see if your site is doing all it can.  We use metrics to check the health and authority of any domain.  


Our software calculates a score through crawling the website’s pages in the same way Google crawls. Then, we check for over 100+ common website issues, weigh the ones we found with the size of the website, and calculate its total health.  This tells us how strong the site’s foundation is from a technical and user experience point of view, which is a huge factor to Google.


If you’re not sure why your website isn’t delivering the results you want, book your Site Health Check today.


Secondly, we run an algorithm that uses machine learning to measure every domain’s authority based on quality, popularity, and backlink signals.


This metric is used for competitor analysis, evaluation of link building prospects, potential acquisition of a domain, tracking of campaigns, and watching out for negative SEO. We can then use these scores to improve your presence online.


  • Improve SEO and conversion rates
  • Build connections and backlinks from authority sites
  • Remove any dangerous low-quality links to your site, avoiding Google penalties
  • Move up in the rankings and get more website traffic
  • Compare your site-health to others in the same industry.


We test to see if your website works on mobile phones and tablets with different screen sizes, making it a better experience for users on mobile devices. If your website is slow to load users get annoyed and leave. A quicker website means a much better experience for your customers



Get a detailed SEO report with a personalised checklist on how to improve your website and get to the top of Google.


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