Malware Removal

Malware Removal

We’ll cleanup your WordPress site for just £59.99!

Malware Removal

Website Hacked?  Need an emergency fix? If your website been hacked or infected this malware removal service will clean the infected files and install a security plugin to better protect your wordpress website.


Malware Removal Services


We Reduce Risks, & Eliminate Threats


If your website been hacked recently? Our team of specialists can remove viruses and malware from your website.  Additionally, we offer monthly WordPress Maintenance plans to help reduce risk, eliminate threats and save costs of malware removal.


malware removalDealing with a hacked website can be very stressful. Responding to an active cyberattack is difficult and chaotic.  Not only can there be expensive cost elements to removing malware, you also have the headaches of any data breaches which can cost millions for some organisations.  One-off remediations are no longer adequate to combat today’s relentless, persistent, and destructive threats.  Many organisations don’t have the tools or bandwidth to cope. 


Having a reliable provider you can call upon to remove malware or reduce risk as part of a monthly security plan can make all the difference. That’s where we come in. Zana Solutions is part of the De Morgan LOGIC Group. Which also includes De Morgan Cyber Security and De Morgan Threat-Response, a specialist cyber security company, supplying its expertise to all company’s within the group.





Hire our team to remove malicious scripts, re-directs and other viruses and malware. We’ll rapidly analyse the issue, present a solution, action any removal and provide a PDF report on the removal process for you.  If you’re concerned about some suspicious files or activity on your website? Purchase a website Security Check.


We pride ourselves on our service quality, reliability and thrive on giving our customers peace of mind.


Our Malware Removal Service will get you back online, minimize disruption to your organisation, and ensure continued workplace productivity.  This service is delivered by De Morgan Threat-Response, who are leaders in active threat response.  Enabling your team to isolate, and remediate an attack.  De Morgan Threat-Response will provide the intelligence, technology, and processes required to eradicate active threats in your environment and get your organisation back on track.



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